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Italo-Flemish Virgin and Child figure, circa 1700




Beautiful figure of the Virgin holding the Child and the globe of royalty. The elegance of the elongated figure combined with a sophisticated drapery show a work of the Italian-Flemish School in the late XVII th, early XVIII th century.

Carved in hardwood, probably walnut. The artist has managed to make the most of the nature of the wood, which unlike boxwood for instance, does not allow a very detailed work of carving. His chisel becomes almost "impressionist" in the face features of the Savior and His Mother, treated in a very gentle manner.

A hole on the top of the Virgin's head show the former presence of a crown, now lost, which was probably in silver, as usual.

The arms of the Christ, his feet, and the hand of the Virgin supporting him are carved in a different hardwood. The sculpture is mounted on a broader base.

Composition: Probably walnut
Provenance : France - Art Market
Period: circa 1700
Dimensions: H. : 38 cm - 43 cm with stand

        Ref. : md-164  

   Price & Conditions : 7500 euros -



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